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At our office, we also utilise our waste transfer station to bring in waste and debris from our demolition sites and through the skip hire element of the business. We recognise a duty of care to our customers and to the public to manage society's waste safely, without causing pollution of the environment or harm to human health.

On site, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our environmental aims include:

  • Prevention of pollution
  • Controlling and reducing vehicle emissions to the environment
  • Focusing on energy consumption and particularly by the reduction of fuels
  • Recycling and reclaiming materials
  • Reducing waste to landfill
  • Complying with legislation at all times

On site, the waste from our demolition is segregated into different types of waste and then placed into skips. On each site, we have numerous different varieties of skips dependent upon the type of waste.

Recycled Aggregates in North East England

Any materials that can be recycled are done so, including brick, concrete, wood, plastics and metals. About 95% of all our waste is recycled to produce: reclaimed timber, topsoil, slates and building stone along with crushed concrete and brick (to GSB Type 1 and 6F2/5 specifications).

All aggregates are produced under a quality control system, which ensures a product which is compliant with specification. Any fuels brought on to site must primarily have a COSH risk assessment completed and be stored in a fully bonded tank. Along with the tank there must also be spill kits and drip trays available.

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